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“You don’t have to choose security over efficiency, cost savings over accessibility. With the MediaAMP platform, you can have it all.”​

- Laurens Baker,  MediaAMP Founder & CEO

Future-proofing media asset management

Arizona State University

MediaAMP provides a single cloud-based media asset management solution for managing all types of digital media for 8,500+ courses across ASU’s 20+ colleges. “They customized their workflow to meet our needs and integrate seamlessly with our other tools,” explains director of information technology services Jim Casey. “It gave us confidence that MediaAMP can integrate with anything.”

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Optimize media with rich analytics and insights.

Origin Story

MediaAMP was founded in 2011 as an incubated technology service operating within the University of Washington in Seattle. Our task was designing a private cloud for UW capable of managing, protecting and delivering digital media globally.

The goal? To transform complex and labor-intensive workflows into streamlined processes that add value and reduce costs using a flexible, extensible and agnostic framework.

Following the successful deployment of the University of Washington’s private cloud, MediaAMP emerged as a leader in cloud-based media management solutions,and launched as a private company in 2015.

Today, we provide learning & development and media asset management for organizations and companies in education and beyond. We've merged the LearnBIG immersive learning capability into our platform and added more accessibility features.

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