Operations Optimization

"Customers want experience – people who have actually done these things in the past....they’ve got a breadth of knowledge."

- Charlie Watters, Practice Director​


The right team matters

It’s not a secret: We hire amazing problem-solvers. So, when you ask us what our differentiator is, that’s easy:
It's the people.  


Technology makes lives better so humans can experience more of themselves

Human and Business Needs Keep Evolving

We always put humans first, because that's why technology exists: to reduce friction in our lives.

Fire was invented so we can eat food safely.

Cars were invented to increase individual freedom.

Roombas were invented to propel cats dressed as sharks around the house. And also to clean for us.

We’re infinitely curious and always want to make things a little better or invent something that doesn't currently exist.

Transforming a shipping industry leader with
technology that standardizes business process
workflows, automates invoicing, and increases
data accuracy – dramatically reduces
operational expense and increases profitability.


How do youmake

a process better?

Simply put, empathy. And some focused, smart people. ​

We emulate the end user and client at the same time to build a solution that works for everyone. And if something’s broken in your process, you bet your BPA-free water bottle we’ll find it and bring the right team to the table to fix it. Because here’s the deal, you’re not just getting the Ops team -- you’re getting AI & Analytics, CX, DevOps… essentially, the entire brain trust of Launch is at your fingertips. ​

Major Incident Management

Around the Clock

Microsoft needed a team to coordinate the communication, escalation, and resolution of eDesk and Major incidents for both internal and public services, around the globe, 24x7x365.

Launch's ITIL certified team on-site in Redmond and in Hyderabad managed the entire escalation stack and sequence. The teams leveraged our access to Veteran talent and our Launch India wholly-owned subsidiary.​

The first full month after our < 45 day transition, we scored a perfect NSAT score of 200 (the first time in 14 months).   

We also reduced Initial Response Time by > 65%; and Priority 1 Time to Response by ~ 75%.​

Incident Management Team-bw

We like to ask

'what if?​'

We're endlessly curious.

We believe in the power of possibility.

And we're ready to jump in.

Alias360 on Biteable.

Group Alias Management Comes Full Circle

Watch our explainer video to see how we solved a common challenge: keeping distribution groups and security groups up to date.

Our Alias360 solution helps managers and group admin save hours each month.

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Focus on the future.
Leave the rest to us.

You need to get things done. We can help.

From industry best practices to integrating technologies, we can help your team be more efficient and effect.

No challenge too big. No client too small.​

ITIL and PMI certified project managers and experienced operations staff, at your service.